What to do if you have been mis-sold solar panels?

Mis sold solar panels are quite common these days. There are so many users who are claiming their rights on the mis sold solar panels. Unfortunately, they are unaware of the steps and measures that should be undertaken. This is one of the reasons why mis-sold solar claims of people are not getting fulfilled.

Get information on the mis sold solar panels

Are you a victim of mis sold solar panels? Is it giving you dilemma regarding the steps you should be taking? Your money is involved and you simply don’t know whom to contact. Worry not, this article will highlight some of the vital steps and measures necessary. Let us get some information regarding the mis sold solar panels.

Your money goes wasted

In case, you have been mis sold solar panels, you must understand that you have every right to claim it. How did the question of mis sell solar panels actually pop up in the very first instance? Well, there has been some kind of wrong or error information that has been portrayed to you. It means that you have relied on wrong information delivered by the seller. Henceforth, you entered into a contract and thereby invested money unnecessarily.

Claim for the mis sold solar panels

Since you have every right to claim your right, there is a solution that lies ahead. You need to end the contract and come out of it and get your money back. The case of mis selling of solar panels and claiming for money back is not similar to the returning of any product and claiming for money back offer.

There is no accurate amount of the claim

The claims for the mis selling of solar panels is quite a difficult and challenging aspect. Do you know the reason behind? It is because you won’t be able to calculate and come up with any accurate sum of money that you will be claiming for and hence the loss that you have undergone due to the mis sold solar panels might not be catered. For example, when you don’t have the right figure of saving that solar panels can deliver you, you won’t be able to come up with the shortage stats.

Written complaint to the company is a must

Once you become aware that you have been mis sold solar panels, it becomes essential that you end the contract with the solar panel company as soon as possible. Moreover, it is also essential that you are absolutely sanguine about the things that the company will execute so that everything becomes right. It is your responsibility to notify the company regarding the delivery of mis sold solar panels and thereby request for the end of the contract. Don’t rely on the verbal complaint, and make sure to write a complaint letter and confirm on the same.

The above article clearly indicates the steps and measures that you must undertake while you have been mis sold solar panels. In case, your claims for money has not got any response and eight weeks have passed by, you must complain to the Financial Ombudsman Service or FOS.

Different types of wooden windows and which is the best

Different materials are used for SEsecondary Glazing windows. Wood, steel, aluminium, vinyl, composite materials and fiberglass are the common materials. Seems confusing, isn’t it? After all, you want the best for your home. But if you have plans to invest in wooden windows, you will be happy to know the different options that you have.

The different types of wooden window materials

Vinyl clad wood and aluminium clad wood are the other two variants that can be chosen for your windows. Each of the wooden window ranges are known to have certain positive features and drawbacks as well. You need to consider the pros and cons of each and look out for the best option applicable to you. Choose the type of wooden window that suits you best in every possible manner.

Wood has been there for centuries

It has been centuries since wooden windows have been in use. In the majority of the cases, the premium quality wood windows are made from Douglas fir and ponderosa pine. Redwood, cedar, cypress and white pine wood are also in use. While choosing wood for windows, it is necessary to opt for those without any knots as it can be quite difficult to paint.

There is no water condensation

In comparison to any metal, wood has better insulating qualities. Furthermore, there is no water condensation on wood that leads to rot issues, especially around the windows. This is a very common instance with the metals. Henceforth, it can be said that wooden windows are better than the metallic ones. It won’t be wrong to mention that the premium quality wooden windows are the best.

Paint as per the décor of the house

Depending upon the interior décor of your home, you can decide on the painting style of the wooden windows. This is definitely an advantage, which is not present with the aluminium windows. In fact, aluminium framed windows cannot be painted. Furthermore, with wood, you can go for sliding, double hung or any varieties.

The aluminium clad wooden window is the new trend today

The aluminium clad wood is one such variety that has gained a huge recognition among the homeowners today. The exterior is covered with aluminium and interior is made up of wood. Hence, it is an excellent choice for those looking for a high quality, yet low maintenance wooden window material. This wooden window type variant doesn’t only look good, but lasts long like the wooden windows.

Vinyl clad wood windows are popular

Similar to the aluminium clad wood windows, the vinyl clad windows have also emerged as a popular option in the current market. In this type of material, the exterior features vinyl, while the interior is made of wood. It is a highly resistant material against the weather conditions. You can choose from colors like brown, beige and white. Wooden windows are always preferred. There are different types of wooden windows that you may like, but are you aware of them? Hope this article will help you to know about such types quite easily.

Beginner’s Guide to Loft Conversion: Where Should I Start?

loft conversions tips

When you consider a home upgrade, then you should probably look into a loft conversion.

What is loft conversion and how would it benefit you?

By definition, loft conversion is the process of changing an attic space into a functional room. We know for the fact that attics are sometimes the least attended part of our home and it is sometimes becomes a storage room of old or unused furniture or things. Now, at this present day and age, some people are looking for spaces where they can put up another bedroom, office or even proper storage space for the overall house thus, to address this issue, some people saw it a solution to convert the loft to a very functional space. Another solution we can recommened is turning your garage into a living space by having it converted. Obviously you’ll need to store your car somewhere, so we highly recommend Auto Vault Storage. They offer long term car storage for all types of vehicles.

Today, this kind of home upgrade has become more and more popular in the households in the United Kingdom. It does not only give people the opportunity to make their home better but also, loft conversion saves them time for looking for a space and money to find a good area for the space. The process of transforming your loft is a very challenging task most especially if you are going to do it yourself. The amount of work and effort to be put on the overall process is hefty but mind you, once you have successfully transformed it, you can have innumerable benefits after.

Now, before you begin the loft conversion, there are key things that you should try to remember some key things to make the task easier. Here are the basic FAQs you need to check out.

  1. Can your loft handle the weight of the overall process?

Of course, when you want to transform an empty attic into a functional space in the house, then you should note that this space would require you the additional weight. Hence, as an initial step, you need to consider the foundation, structure and form of the building. You can ask the help of the experts in doing so to ensure safety of everyone in the home.

  1. Does the attic provide you a suitable head height?

The height of the loft is also an essential factor to be considered if you are thinking for an upgrade. For certain, you do not want to stand inconveniently inside the loft hence, do not forget to place an allowance in the height to accommodate visitors or people conveniently.

  1. Do I need building regulations?

Yes. In every constructed building, you need to take note that building regulations should be properly observed that is why they are going to ask you a planning permission which means that it pays to adopt the full plans application approach and have a detailed scheme approved before you find a builder. To make this step easier, you should secure an approved design first and ask for a fixed quotation from a professional (Source: https://prestigeloftconversions.com/) rather than an unclear vague estimate of the overall loft conversion process. There are many service providers who can provide you with a precise quotation so do not settle for the ones which would just give you an unclear quotation.

Facts to know before installing your CCTV

CCTV or Closed Circuit Television is an in-demand security feature installed in establishments, commercial buildings and even private houses to improve security, prevent and detect crime and for monitoring and surveillance. The use of CCTV cameras in the UK is very extensive and for that, the country is said to be the most monitored nation in the world.

The Data Protection Act of 1998 specifies how CCTV images may be used and allotted in order to protect the rights of those captured in the images. In installing CCTV, it should be known beforehand that the installation does follow and adhere to the provisions of the Data Protection Act and in understanding the legal obligations, it is also important to ascertain the basic components of CCTV systems and how they work together which includes the cameras, cables, switchers, monitors, and multiplexers especially, the distinctions between analog and digital recording systems.

Legal Requirements for Installing CCTV

If CCTV system is installed in a business establishment or a public area, the proprietor must observe the requirements of the Data Protection Act and other guidelines related to the act. However, the Data Protection Act does not apply if the CCTV system is used for home and private purposes only. Yet, it is crucial to know that the owner must bear in mind that the protection of the privacy of neighbors must be kept. It should be done by angling the cameras top avoid intrusion. Though planning authorization is most of the time not obligatory when installing CCTV, checking it with your Local Authority is advised especially if you live in a listed building or a conservation space.

Basic Components of a CCTV System

A CCTV system is composed of simple components. The basic CCTV systems only contain a camera, cables, and monitor. More complex systems can consist of multiple cameras, monitors, controllers, cables, multiplexers, as well as analogue or digital recording devices.

Kinds of CCTV Cameras

  • CCTV Cameras – These are the eyes of the system. It captures images in an array of indoor and outdoor situations. CCTV cameras can be bought in black and white or color models having an option wired or wireless.
  • Waterproof CCTV Cameras- These types of CCTV cameras must have a special housing to protect them from the elements and are used on the outside of buildings.
  • Covert CCTV Cameras- these are designed to be inconspicuous and are available housed in intruder alarm detectors or other unnoticeable covers.
  • Internet Protocol CCTV Cameras- these are digital cameras that can send and receive data over a network or the internet, much like conventional webcams.
  • Static CCTV cameras –these usually feature rings on the lenses that allow users to adjust the focus and are commonly used for household purposes.
  • Pan tilt zoom (PTZ) cameras – can be controlled electronically with a system controller, allowing the operator to change the camera’s focus and viewing angle.

CCTV Cables

Wireless CCTV systems work with transmitters and receivers. They send and receive signals from the camera to the monitoring point while wired CCTV cameras are linked to the system using a coaxial cable and typical connectors.

CCTV Monitors

Most television sets can serve as CCTV monitors. The only disparity between CCTV monitors and standard televisions is that monitors do not have tuners. Some monitors also feature built-in switchers.

CCTV Controllers, Switchers, and Multiplexers

CCTV controllers, matrix switchers, and multiplexers let operators to change between cameras when several cameras are installed. They can manipulate pan tilt zoom cameras in the system, and permit the recording of several cameras as one signal.

Choosing a Home Improvement Contractor

Take the time to plan your project, form the scope of the work you want done to the specifics of the types of materials you want to use. Some homeowners associations restrict what materials can be used on the exterior of the house, or whether you can change the facade or footprint of the structure, not to mention your roof and what materials you can use. So before you embark on your next home improvement project, know your bylaws from your neighborhood association and any zoning restrictions.

Whether your project is upgrading your kitchen lighting or refinishing the basement, or installing new flooring, choosing the contractor is your next step. Whether you are speaking with a painter, electrician, plumber or a handyman, ask for references. Ask about licensing, which is required for new construction and home improvement, and some of the trades, such as electrician, plumbing, HVAC, and architects. And don’t forget to ask about insurance.

If you are renovating an older building, be sure to ask what experience they have with restoration. The scope of work is quite different between working on houses built in the last 20 years and the older homes in many of the older neighborhoods.

With the rising cost of energy and global warming, it is all our interests to make our homes more energy efficient. It can be something as simple adding insulation or upgrading your HVAC. When purchasing new appliances make sure they are Energy Star rated.

There are the odd jobs that always need to be done around the house, cleaning out your garage, steam cleaning your carpets, window & gutter cleaning, power washing your deck, or who do you call if your basement is flooded and you need to have it cleaned out.

Your home is need of a fresh coat of paint and you need a good reliable painter to paint the interior as well as the exterior of your home, you will need a painting contractor to be able to take care of painting needs, the problem is you want change and you just don’t know where to go for help in selecting your color palette.

Finding the person or company that you feel comfortable having in your home around your family is priceless. Nothing more valuable than having the resources to get the job done right the first time whether it is small or large.

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