What to do if you have been mis-sold solar panels?

Mis sold solar panels are quite common these days. There are so many users who are claiming their rights on the mis sold solar panels. Unfortunately, they are unaware of the steps and measures that should be undertaken. This is one of the reasons why mis-sold solar claims of people are not getting fulfilled.

Get information on the mis sold solar panels

Are you a victim of mis sold solar panels? Is it giving you dilemma regarding the steps you should be taking? Your money is involved and you simply don’t know whom to contact. Worry not, this article will highlight some of the vital steps and measures necessary. Let us get some information regarding the mis sold solar panels.

Your money goes wasted

In case, you have been mis sold solar panels, you must understand that you have every right to claim it. How did the question of mis sell solar panels actually pop up in the very first instance? Well, there has been some kind of wrong or error information that has been portrayed to you. It means that you have relied on wrong information delivered by the seller. Henceforth, you entered into a contract and thereby invested money unnecessarily.

Claim for the mis sold solar panels

Since you have every right to claim your right, there is a solution that lies ahead. You need to end the contract and come out of it and get your money back. The case of mis selling of solar panels and claiming for money back is not similar to the returning of any product and claiming for money back offer.

There is no accurate amount of the claim

The claims for the mis selling of solar panels is quite a difficult and challenging aspect. Do you know the reason behind? It is because you won’t be able to calculate and come up with any accurate sum of money that you will be claiming for and hence the loss that you have undergone due to the mis sold solar panels might not be catered. For example, when you don’t have the right figure of saving that solar panels can deliver you, you won’t be able to come up with the shortage stats.

Written complaint to the company is a must

Once you become aware that you have been mis sold solar panels, it becomes essential that you end the contract with the solar panel company as soon as possible. Moreover, it is also essential that you are absolutely sanguine about the things that the company will execute so that everything becomes right. It is your responsibility to notify the company regarding the delivery of mis sold solar panels and thereby request for the end of the contract. Don’t rely on the verbal complaint, and make sure to write a complaint letter and confirm on the same.

The above article clearly indicates the steps and measures that you must undertake while you have been mis sold solar panels. In case, your claims for money has not got any response and eight weeks have passed by, you must complain to the Financial Ombudsman Service or FOS.

What everyone ought to know about Gate installation

Since time immemorial Security has been amongst the leafing main concerns of landlords and individuals are keen on going that added mile for ensuring that they take on all likely means for beefing up safety measures on the property of theirs. Commercial as well as suburban properties and additional establishments are enthusiastic about the installation of gates that are remote controlled for making their property absolutely secure.

Gates that are remote controlled – an intro

Time and again gates that are remote controlled are outfitted with cameras that their non-electric equivalents lack.  Such gates present the house holders with the choice of verifying whose present at the gate ahead of letting them inside the premises. Gates that are Remote controlled feature irreversible gears and thus they cannot be opened by forcibly and consequently provide paramount security.

Their features

Gates that are Remote controlled often feature mechanical authorization know-how. This implies that such gates are going to open following mechanical finding of a definite vehicle and in this way restricting vehicle access that is not permitted. It is not going to permit way in to any vehicle that is not permitted thus guaranteeing absolute protection of the premises of yours. In the event of you choosing such a gate that has remote control, you require the setting up of a remote safety measures system and feeding in consent information for accepted ‘vehicles. In the greater number of cases, the expertise is executed by the use of a sensor that’s capable of identifying vehicles.

Remote controlled gates are often operated using a security code though a majority of people use this option only as a backup option of entering the house. These codes are of utmost importance when it comes to safeguarding against a potential theft. Therefore, it is important that the owners are extremely careful about passing on the security code and only a trusted few should be aware of the code.

A number of such gates also feature voice communication that helps the owner in identifying the individual who’s asking for go-ahead for entering the premises. There is no hush-hush about technology having gained much significance at the present. Consequently, the truth that an increasing number of individuals are enthusiastic about the installation of such gates and therefore resorting to technology for protecting themselves isn’t a startling fact. Actually, besides the installation of such gates at their individual premises, individuals are suggesting their use to their pals and member of family and even for commercial sites. Such automated gates present better security.

They’re available in varieties

A misconception that many people have is that such gates are fashioned out of iron. However, you could be astonished by the fact that you’ve a number of options at hand, an example being those fashioned out of aluminum / wood. They’re offered in diverse varieties and thus you are free to choose from a vertical and a horizontal gate.  You’ll get both wooden and aluminum gates at Electric Gates Store.

Electric Gates Store offers amongst the greatest assortment of gate automation gear available across England. They have been in the access control business for above 20 years and are capable of providing connoisseur advice for helping you hit upon the accurate gating solution.

Why You Should Go With Prepay Meters In Your Home

imagesElectricity expenses are the concern every homeowner has in mind. They are rising like the jin out of the the lamp and disturb budget for each month. Getting overcharged unexpectedly makes people worry to a very serious extent.

A considerable group of people go beneath their budget line and fail to clear their electricity dues on time just because not having enough money to pay off their bills on time. As a solution, electric companies suggest using prepay meters that work efficiently in favor of the user.

So let’s discuss how prepay meters work and how they can work in your favour to tackle with unexpected and heavy bills expenses.

How Prepay Meters Work?

Basically, a 3 phrase electric meters works the same as your mobile package does.Which means that you decide how much electricity you need to consume for coming days. And you pay accordingly as per your budget and needs. This type of electric meter is also known as prepayment meter or pay as you go meters (PAYG meters).

It has the same interface and body as you get in a standard meter. Like it is covered in a box case displaying a small numerical screen. Through this screen, you may note down the reading of your electricity consumption upon pressing a button place alongside this screen.

Benefits Of Prepay Meters:

Below are some benefits that one might get using prepay meters over a standard meter to get rid of unpaid bills problems.

Top Up Facility:

The first benefit to use a prepay meter is that you don’t need to wait for the end of the month to pay the bill. This means you may recharge your electricity account as per your convenience. Each supplier issues tokens or cards for recharge through paypoints. And the best part is you may use from a range of top up cards that are economical in price and suit your budget.

Helps Property Owners:

Another benefit of using prepay meters in your house is you can stay away from unpaid bills from your tenant’s side. This means you can simply install a prepay meter to make sure that your tenants are paying electricity bills on time as they consume it and won’t leave the house with a lump sum amount of unpaid bill. This really lessen the burden of a landlord’s shoulders because if your tenants leave the bill unpaid then there might a conflict with new tenants with that unpaid amount of bill.

Keeps You Safe From Heavy Bills:

Regardless of the fact that you’re a landlord or renting the place, prepay bills eliminates the risk of huge amount of bills that you might get with a standard electric meter. You can simply keep track on your electricity consumption and make suitable strategy when budgeting for electricity expenses. This means there won’t be any large amount of bill due in the end of each month. Just recharge the meter as much as you want to use and stay away from any unexpected bills.