Different types of wooden windows and which is the best

Different materials are used for SEsecondary Glazing windows. Wood, steel, aluminium, vinyl, composite materials and fiberglass are the common materials. Seems confusing, isn’t it? After all, you want the best for your home. But if you have plans to invest in wooden windows, you will be happy to know the different options that you have.

The different types of wooden window materials

Vinyl clad wood and aluminium clad wood are the other two variants that can be chosen for your windows. Each of the wooden window ranges are known to have certain positive features and drawbacks as well. You need to consider the pros and cons of each and look out for the best option applicable to you. Choose the type of wooden window that suits you best in every possible manner.

Wood has been there for centuries

It has been centuries since wooden windows have been in use. In the majority of the cases, the premium quality wood windows are made from Douglas fir and ponderosa pine. Redwood, cedar, cypress and white pine wood are also in use. While choosing wood for windows, it is necessary to opt for those without any knots as it can be quite difficult to paint.

There is no water condensation

In comparison to any metal, wood has better insulating qualities. Furthermore, there is no water condensation on wood that leads to rot issues, especially around the windows. This is a very common instance with the metals. Henceforth, it can be said that wooden windows are better than the metallic ones. It won’t be wrong to mention that the premium quality wooden windows are the best.

Paint as per the décor of the house

Depending upon the interior décor of your home, you can decide on the painting style of the wooden windows. This is definitely an advantage, which is not present with the aluminium windows. In fact, aluminium framed windows cannot be painted. Furthermore, with wood, you can go for sliding, double hung or any varieties.

The aluminium clad wooden window is the new trend today

The aluminium clad wood is one such variety that has gained a huge recognition among the homeowners today. The exterior is covered with aluminium and interior is made up of wood. Hence, it is an excellent choice for those looking for a high quality, yet low maintenance wooden window material. This wooden window type variant doesn’t only look good, but lasts long like the wooden windows.

Vinyl clad wood windows are popular

Similar to the aluminium clad wood windows, the vinyl clad windows have also emerged as a popular option in the current market. In this type of material, the exterior features vinyl, while the interior is made of wood. It is a highly resistant material against the weather conditions. You can choose from colors like brown, beige and white. Wooden windows are always preferred. There are different types of wooden windows that you may like, but are you aware of them? Hope this article will help you to know about such types quite easily.